LICENCE VIDEO RIDE - 30 days - Only 29 €

Alessandra - Warrior Ride 60’ - 🔥 Burn Baby Burn

Live Ride
Challenge yourself and push your limits on a one-hour Long Ride to burn even more calories.
A long journey with Alessandra for lovers of endurance training.

Aldo - Total Body Workout - 45'

Live Ride
Hi Riders! You are about to experience how thanks to Cardio Cycling® you will shape not only the buttocks and legs but also the abs and all the muscles of the upper part of your body. This is because you won't just pedal but you'll do an effective workout with your arms at the same time.
Cardio Cycling® is an extraordinary and fast training method to lose weight and tone... RIDE WITH US!

Cash - Opus Ride - 45'

Studio Ride 45 minutes.
Cash will take you to another dimension... A constantly growing Ride to reach an explosive finish 💥 with a track that seems tailor-made for Cardio Cycling: Opus (by Eric Prydz)
"It's a scary'll wind you up!"
Word of Cash!

Giorgio - Marble legs and buttocks - 45'

Studio Ride
Legs and buttocks of marble!
Tone and sculpt your buttocks with Giorgio.
A Special Ride of toning recorded specifically to be experienced directly in your home

Tartix - Road Bike Training - 45'

Studio Ride
3 power peaks. A Cyclist's power workout tailored for Cyclists.
A unique experience created behind closed doors specifically to relive the emotions of a real road workout!

Cash - Super Productive Workout - 30'

30 minute Express Ride.
Even if you have little time available, you can do an excellent job, switch off and travel with Cash.
It will be a complete workout that will allow you to burn, tone and have fun by immersing yourself in the magical atmosphere of lights and music of the Boutique!
Fasten your seatbelts, it takes off ✈️ with Cash!

Giorgio - Express Ride frequency and power - 30'

30 minutes for a complete and effective workout. If you want to concentrate your workout in a short time, this is the Ride for you! Check Giorgio's pulse in real time and keep his own percentage... Ready? Go!

Aldo - Regeneration Ride - 45'

Studio Ride
This 45-minute ride is ideal for entering the world of Cardio Cycling®.
Initially Aldo will guide you in the ideal setting of the Bike. A gradual warm-up, a training phase that varies with the paces, positions and frequencies typical of Cardio Cycling, cool-down and stretching... this is the Ride menu that we advise you to choose to get to know our world!
Aldo will constantly accompany you in your workout whether you use a heart rate monitor or work "listening" to your heart.
"You will come out of this Ride regenerated" this is Aldo's promise... and you can bet that the promise will be kept!

Phil - Total Body Workout - 45'

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Live Ride
A Total Body Workout to tone every muscle in your body!
Find out how a Cardio Cycling workout can completely involve your body... Not only glutes and legs but also abs, pectorals, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps... and above all your Heart! 💚
This is the Indoor Cycling revolution, this is Cardio Cycling®

Giorgio - Positive Energy Ride - 30'

30 minute Express Ride.
Climbs, changes of pace, doubling up...
Let yourself be carried away by the music and abandon yourself to the lights of the Boutique.
This Total Body Workout will give you a short and effective workout.
Give yourself a break and ride with Giorgio!