LICENCE VIDEO RIDE - 30 days - Only 29 €

Phil 💯 per hour 🚀 45'

45 minutes at 💯 per hour with Phil 🚀 Ease, agility and speed to burn, tone and have fun with Phil.
The soundtrack 🎧 is a killer!!!
You'll find that in Phil's chest 💚 a Rock heart beats 🎸

Alessandra 🔥🔥🔥 Ride Exterminate Fat 45'

🔥🔥🔥 Laughs fat burner.

🎩 look for constancy in cardio commitment
🎩 aim for balance in Ride management
🎩 check your heartbeat (82-85%)
🎩 get to the bottom of your Ride without breath

= 👍 Lose weight and have fun guaranteed!

Cash ✈️ High Altitude 50'

🔝 High frequencies, ✨ high energy and 😀 high fun!
This Ride at High Altitude ✈️ will make you fly on the pedals and feel fast and light.
🎡 Cash and its extraordinary soundtrack 🎧 will accompany you on this high altitude journey!

🪐 Space Ride - Aldo

A Space Ride, a trip to Sidereal Space 🛸 with Aldo.
This Ride will allow you to burn an exaggerated amount of calories and you won't notice the fatigue.
This Live Ride with the Sold Out class will give you an energy that will make you forget the fatigue completely.
Pure energy ⚡️ and fun 🙂 guaranteed with Master Trainer Aldo.
🚀 Buckle up and get ready for take off! It will be an experience you will remember for a long time!
🪐 Space Ride

🌶 Spicy Ride - Cash

45 spicy minutes of pure fun with Cash!
Be careful not to burn yourself too much because the temperature will rise a lot 🔥 thanks to Cash's energy and his extraordinary charge.
Spicy Ride 🌶

Aldo 🍀 Roller coaster 🎢 45'

🎢 Are you ready to get on the carousel with Aldo? 45 minutes of metabolic training ⚡️ with a continuous alternation of fast paces and very challenging climbs. The result will be a high calorie ride 🔥 both during and after your workout. All combined with an extraordinary toning of buttocks and legs. Drop the token guys, the carousel is about to start!

Phil 🦅 Fly Ride 🔝 45'

High Intensity Studio Ride. 🚀 High speed and very high frequencies to burn 🔥 an extraordinary amount of calories! Phil will be your Pilot in this flight 🦅 where you will push your engines to the max! It will be just you and Phil and together you will live an unforgettable experience of 🎧 music, 💡 lights, 🎨 colors and above all ✨ Out of the ordinary energy. Get ready for take off, fasten your seatbelts and 🦅 fly with Phil!

🍊 Orange Ride - Alessandra

Fat Burns Ride between 80 and 90% of your maximum pulse.
Alessandra will guide you in an experience in control of yourself: a constant intensity workout to maximize fat burning.
🍊 Orange Ride

Tartix & Aldo 🚴🏻🚴‍♀️ Warrior Ride 💪 60'

⏰ 60 minutes of training and 😎 pure fun. Tartix and Aldo will take turns leading this unforgettable Ride. A journey to be enjoyed until the last pedal stroke. ❌ Make sure... don't miss the credits!

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