LICENCE VIDEO RIDE - 30 days - Only 29 €

Giorgio 〽️ Double Peak Ride 🚴‍♀️ 45'

Two peaks of power 💣, two peaks of energy ⚡️, two peaks of fun 😄 with Giorgio's energy and sympathy! This trip will let you unplug 🔌, tone your muscles 💪🏻 and burn an insane amount of calories 🔥. Saddle up, let's go... 〽️ Double Peak Ride

Cash 💣 Dynamite Ride 💥 45'

45 Minute Studio Ride with Cash. 🎡 An explosive experience of ✨ energy, 🎧 music, 🔆 lights and 😀 enthusiasm. Time will go by fast and you won't notice the effort... 🚴🏻 Pedaling to believe!

Tartix - Road Bike Training - 45'

Studio Ride
3 power peaks. A Cyclist's power workout tailored for Cyclists.
A unique experience created behind closed doors specifically to relive the emotions of a real road workout!

Phil - High Intensity Ride - 45'

Studio Ride
45 minutes with Phil.
Laughs at high intensity.
Toning of legs and buttocks, upper body workout, abs, considerable cardiovascular effort and high calorie consumption during and after your workout! These are the ingredients for an exciting Ride!
Phil's energy and drive will overwhelm you and it will be hard to resist!

"When you're done you'll want to make another one and then another one"

Alessandra 🌺 Soul Ride ✨ 50'

✨ "Close the door, unplug the phone and get ready for a journey that will take you wherever you want"
🌸 Alessandra ride with you!

Giorgio ⛰🗻🌋🏔 4 Hills Ride - 45'

Get ready for a Ride with 4 uphill peaks to sculpt your legs and glutes and 4 speedy descents without brakes to feel the wind in your hair!
Giorgio will be by your side on this journey and together you will climb 4 mountains ⛰🗻🌋🏔
The incomparable energy ✨ and enthusiasm ☄️ of this Ride Live will be the fuel for your engine... start warming it up because we're about to leave!

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