LICENCE VIDEO RIDE - 30 days - Only 29 €

🍀 Aldo Transformation Ride ✨ 45'

Transform your body 🔮 with interval training to 🔥 burn calories and 💪 tone your muscles! A journey with Aldo to be lived up to the last pedal stroke. 🚴🏻

Phil Upper Body 💪 45'

‼️ Phil offers you an uncommon Ride focused on the upper muscles: abs, pecs, lats, shoulders and arms. A complete workout that, involving the whole body, will make you burn 🔥 an extraordinary amount of calories. Not just a ride for legs and buttocks but a Total Body Workout. This is Revolution, this is Cardio Cycling!

Aldo ⭐️ Post Lock Down Live Ride Burn Fat 45'

🚴‍♀️ It's time to relive the experience a REAL RIDE IN THE BOUTIQUE! (Live Ride dated July 13, 2020).
This is what we've done thousands of times and soon we'll be back to doing 💚 together!
Aldo's energy is amplified by a group of Riders who fill the casket with a charge and vitality that only our Community can generate! Experience these emotions with us and if a tear escapes from you too, don't worry, it will mix with your sweat and no one will notice!

Alessandra 💪🌺 Warrior Ride 😳 60'

Long Ride 🚴‍♀️ of 60 minutes ⏰ with Alessandra. An unforgettable journey and an out of the ordinary training experience with Alessandra's energy and sympathy. We will burn an extraordinary amount of calories together without realizing it; time will fly and you will discover the warrior in you... 💪🌸💚 Always with kindness and sympathy as is Alessandra's style!

Cash 😀 Enthusiasm and 💥 Energy! 45'

Total Body Workout. Do you want to immerse yourself in the magical Cardio Cycling atmosphere? ✨ This is the Ride for you! Cash will take you by the hand and lead you into our world... join the Community, we will never leave you!

Tartix ⚡️ Metabolic Ride 45'

High cardiovascular commitment ❤️ in a fun and training ride. Interval metabolic workout to burn lots of calories 🔥 both during and after the Ride. Tartix, the cyclist's philosophy 🚲 embraces the Cardio Cycling style

🚀 Phil Fast Ride ⚡️45'

A high-frequency ride of fire 🔥 to burn lots of calories without realizing it!
Looseness, lightness, speed and lots and lots of fun with Phil. 🎼 High profile soundtrack
P.S. Headphone listening 🎧 strongly recommended!

Alessandra 🐫 Double camel hump - 45'

Double pyramidal 🐫 or double camel hump.
Ride with two successive peaks of increasing intensity.
🌺 A varied and fun workout with Alessandra

Giorgio ✨ The best moment of your day

45 minutes of pure energy to release all your tension and recharge your batteries. 🔋🔋 Shape your legs and train your heart 💚 Giorgio will accompany you and sweat with you... a lot! 💦

Aldo ☄️ H.I.T.T. High intensity metabolic ride - 45'

Increase your basal metabolic rate through a high-intensity interval workout. A workout designed to keep burning even after your Ride. 💥 Aldo's energy and overwhelming charge!