LICENCE VIDEO RIDE - 30 days - Only 29 €

Fat Burn Ride with Alessandra 💥 45'

🔥 Laughs Burn Fat and ✨ Chase Thoughts with the legendary Alessandra. An injection of charge and positive energy! The first Ride live from the Boutique... Close the door, unplug the phone and fly away with Alessandra, nothing and no one will be able to disturb you!

Cash 🎡 High Intensity Ride 45'

A Spicy Ride 🌶 to leave all the tension behind and 🔥 burn an impressive amount of calories!
Cash is pure energy!

Aldo 🔨 Guaranteed marble buttock 😉 45'

Live Ride 45 minutes.
Tone your glutes! 💚 The heart of the Ride is a climb with 20 stamina increments. Marble buttock is guaranteed! 😉 Live the emotions at home and share the energy as if you were with us in the Boutique! Music, colored lights, our candles and the unique atmosphere of our Rides.
Close the door, unplug the phone and treat yourself to 45 minutes for yourself! Here we go!

Tartix - Up & Down Professional Ride 45'

Live Ride 45 minutes
Ride Up & Down 🔝 🔛 that will make cyclists happy and all of us who love to 🚴‍♀️ ride, 🔥 burn and above all 😎 have fun together!
Go Tartix, take us for a walk through the Piedmont hills!

Cash - E=mc2 💥 Energy shot at the speed of light - 45'

Live Ride 45 minutes
✅ Need an adrenaline rush?
✅ Do you want to unplug?
✅ Do you want to let off steam in an overwhelming and energy-charged ride?
So fasten your seat belts, press start and set off on this journey with Cash, you won't regret it!
P.S. ❌ ATTENTION ❌ You are about to travel at a speed close to that of light! 😉

Giorgio ⤴️ Hills & Waves ⤵️ 45'

🌊 Follow the hills and waves of your heart 💚 in this unforgettable Ride with Giorgio.
Climbing up, down and playing to your heart's content will be a training experience you will remember for a long time!
What are you waiting for? 🚴 Saddle up with us!

Ale 🌸 Fartlek Ride (6+2)*5

Are you looking for a challenging, original, fun, varied and effective Ride? Well, you've found it! With Alessandra, 5 modules of 6 minutes of workout and 2 minutes of recovery each await you + an arrival at the finish line 🏁 at full speed 🚀.
Alessandra's sympathy, grit and charm 🌸 will make you spend 50 exciting minutes!
Fartlek Ride!

Aldo - After Burn Live Ride - 45' - BURN TO BELIEVE!

High Intensity Interval Training - 45'-
This Live Ride will not only allow you to burn 🔥🔥🔥 many calories during your workout, but it will significantly raise your basal metabolism in the following hours. This will therefore amplify its effectiveness thanks to the "After Burn" effect allowing you to consume calories even at rest... Burning is believing!

Cash - Welcome to the carousel - 45'

Studio Ride - 45 minutes
"Even if we're not physically close, I'll come and see you at your house!"
Let Cash into your living room, you will spend 45 unforgettable minutes together. Cash will guide you and take you by the hand whether you're using a heart rate monitor or working by listening to your body... and the Playlist will be superlative, in full Cash style

Alessandra - Warrior Ride 60’ - 🔥 Burn Baby Burn

Live Ride
Challenge yourself and push your limits on a one-hour Long Ride to burn even more calories.
A long journey with Alessandra for lovers of endurance training.