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Alessandra ✨ Metabolic Ride 🌀 45'

😉 The new frontiers of your challenge with yourself
Today let's try a different workout:
💙 10 minute warm up
💣 5 minutes per bomb
❤️ 5 minutes riding with a small load
⚡️ 5 minutes of pure energy
💚 5 minutes of out of the saddle abs
🚴🏼 5 minutes of flight
💪🏻 5 minutes out of the saddle with a small load
🌀 Cool down and relax
🔥 Now tell me: how many calories did you burn? 🔥😉

Metabolic Ride Promo Video

🔥 Burn calories, 💪🏻 tone and 😎 have fun with a complete workout and Total Body.
Welcome to the future, welcome to Cardio Cycling®!

Rusty ⚠️ High Voltage ⚡️ 45'

🔥 Want to burn calories?
🏎 Do you want to push on the accelerator?
✨ Want to fill up on energy?
😎 Do you want to have fun with us?

⚠️ This High Voltage Ride is the one for you! Buckle up and ride with Rusty!

Aldo 💥 Double Zone Ride 🍀 60'

Long Ride Live with Aldo. Your journey ✈️ will be divided into two parts:
1. In the first one you'll raise your pulse with fast paces, high frequencies and an overwhelming rhythm.
2. In the second part the climbs will be concentrated, you will keep your heart high 💚 thanks to an extraordinary work of toning the legs, glutes, abs and upper muscles.
🚂 In carriage Gentlemen, the journey with Aldo is about to begin!

Alessandra 🏁 Challenge Ride 🏆

A challenge with yourself to the last pedal stroke!

🔶Challenge number 1: finish the ride
🔵 Challenge number 2: Exercise perfect control over the intensity of your cardio work
🔴 Challenge number 3: go look for peaks with increasing intensity
🟩 Challenge number 4: check the speed of your recovery
Hit cardio goals 🎯 with your bouquet of pace 🌸, incline 🌼 and strength 🌺.

Let's get on the saddle for the most challenging ride ever 💚

Phil 🐫 Pyramid Ride 45'

Super Ride with the irresistible Phil. 🐫 Three Pyramids 🔺🔺🔺 to go with exciting climbs and breathtaking descents. Phil's sense of rhythm 🥁 and musical choice 🎶 are the guarantee of an unforgettable Ride that will give you energy and charge throughout the day. Warm up your leg as we're about to climb the first pyramid!

Aldo 🍀 Deep Ride 🚴‍♀️ 45'

An unforgettable journey with Aldo... You will descend into a very deep Canyon, you will cover it all and then you will climb its walls to finally return to the Light! Live a training experience 🚴 ♀️ music 🎧 lights 🎨 and emotions ✨ that will stay inside you! DEEP LAUGH

Cash 🎡 ABS Turtle Ride 🐢 45' + 15' (Bonus Track)

Abs of Steel 🔨 A Long Ride to sculpt your abs, burn 🔥 lots of calories and listen to 🎧 great music. You know... with Cash your Ride will be an unforgettable journey. Let's take off together ✈️ and on the way back you will find 💼 the turtle shell in your suitcase 🐢

Alessandra 🌸 Gluteus Ride 💪🏻 45'

Is a sculpted gluteus your goal? This is the Ride you are looking for! Alessandra has prepared a workout for you that will allow you to achieve the results you want... and you'll do it while having a lot of fun! Gluteus Ride

Alessandra 🌸 GAG 🚴‍♀️ 45' o 60'

✅ Legs
✅ Abdominals
✅ Gluteus
💎 The perfect laugh to burn calories 🔥 and tone up 💪🏻
Alternate 3 times cardio, legs & glutes, arms & abs

❤️ Dedicate 45 minutes to your body ❤️ ... if you want even 15 more minutes!

with a final surprise 🎁 for you who want to hit the target 🎯