LICENCE VIDEO RIDE - 30 days - Only 29 €

Cash 🎡 ABS Turtle Ride 🐢 45' + 15' (Bonus Track)

Abs of Steel 🔨 A Long Ride to sculpt your abs, burn 🔥 lots of calories and listen to 🎧 great music. You know... with Cash your Ride will be an unforgettable journey. Let's take off together ✈️ and on the way back you will find 💼 the turtle shell in your suitcase 🐢

Alessandra 🌸 Gluteus Ride 💪🏻 45'

Is a sculpted gluteus your goal? This is the Ride you are looking for! Alessandra has prepared a workout for you that will allow you to achieve the results you want... and you'll do it while having a lot of fun! Gluteus Ride

Aldo 🍀 Burn Long Ride 60' 🔥

60 minute Long Ride that will make you burn 🔥 an extraordinary amount of calories both during and after training thanks to the After Burn effect induced by H.I.I.T. which will raise your resting metabolism.
😎 Aldo will guide you through an unforgettable Live experience!
Burn Ride

Alessandra 🌺 Soul Ride ✨ 50'

✨ "Close the door, unplug the phone and get ready for a journey that will take you wherever you want"
🌸 Alessandra ride with you!

Rusty 🍻 A tutta birra! Live Ride 45'

⁉️ Are you looking for a high intensity Ride to burn 🔥 maximum calories and release all your desire 🚴‍♀️ to pedal? Well, you've found it! Rusty will drag you into this experience... high frequencies, relaxation, speed and lots and lots of fun! 🍻 Here we go

Cash 🔙 Never Look Back 👀 45'

Never look back... Always look ahead, aim for the next song 🎧, the next track 🎯, the next milestone 🏁.
A Ride full of energy, enthusiasm and grit ... Only Cash and his sympathy are capable of carrying you forward, pedal after pedal, towards goals you thought were unattainable!
🔙 Never Look Back... With Cash!

Aldo 💪🏻 Tone Ride 45' 🔨 Steel Muscles

📽 Live Ride to 🛠 sculpt your body and 🔥 burn an amazing amount of calories. A single track in speed 🚀 and all the rest of the Ride aimed at toning your muscles. 🔝 Complete training, Total Body, this is the Cardio Cycling® style

Alessandra 🌸 GAG 🚴‍♀️ 45' o 60'

✅ Legs
✅ Abdominals
✅ Gluteus
💎 The perfect laugh to burn calories 🔥 and tone up 💪🏻
Alternate 3 times cardio, legs & glutes, arms & abs

❤️ Dedicate 45 minutes to your body ❤️ ... if you want even 15 more minutes!

with a final surprise 🎁 for you who want to hit the target 🎯

Alessandra - Pyramid fat burning ride - 45'

🔥 Fat Burning Studio Ride of 45' in three phases:
1. Gradual increase in intensity
2. 15-minute high-frequency hold core
3. Very progressive decrease in work

Take a break. Close the door. Remove your thoughts. Focus on yourself... You deserve it!
🌸 Alessandra's word!

Aldo 🍀 Deep Ride 🚴‍♀️ 45'

An unforgettable journey with Aldo... You will descend into a very deep Canyon, you will cover it all and then you will climb its walls to finally return to the Light! Live a training experience 🚴 ♀️ music 🎧 lights 🎨 and emotions ✨ that will stay inside you! DEEP LAUGH