• Cardio Cycling® 
    Come and try the new cycling experience!
Cardio Cycling® is the first Fitness Boutique based on a pay-per-use formula.

No passes
No contracts
No membership
Choose freedom

Cardio Cycling® is the first Boutique fully dedicated to indoor-cycling, in Turin. You can experience it when and how you wish, unchained from contracts and enjoying all the benefits of the pay-as-you-go.

Try the experience: RIDE WITH US

Cardio Cycling® is more than an Indoor Cycling workout; it combines cardio, muscle toning strength work, energy, rhythm and fun. Your workout is under heart rate monitor control, that turns a group class into a custom workout.
Whatever is your training level, whenever you’re an athlete, a mum, a student or a professional, Cardio Cycling® fits exactly for you.
Your rhythm, your intensity, your pace will be chosen by you.


We will give to you a modern, clean and comfortable location.
We will give to you vibrant, magnetic and powerful trainers.
We will give to you high level services and a trained staff ready to meet all your needs.

Cardio Cycling® is the alternative to your fitness routine and turns your workout into the best part of your day.

Cardio Cycling® is YOU! Try the experience: RIDE WITH USBOOK YOUR BIKE!